Bosnian Wor(l)d

Bosnia-Hercegovina is a multinational state. Today, most citizens identify themselves as one of three groups: Bosniaks (48 percent, Illyrians), Bosnian Croats (14 percent, Illyrians), or Bosnian Serbs (37 percent, Slavs).


Nacre - Sedefil

Nacre is the eleventh sign in the Bosnian horoscope which dominates in the period from August 15th to September 15th. In the tradition of Bosnia and Herzegovina nacre is connected with the cult of the dead, and that's why this herb is planted on graveyards. Besides, it possesses prophylactic characteristic which is why its leaves are used as an amulet against spellbound eyes and black magic.


Since nacre is connected with the cult of the dead, people born under this sign have their dark, hidden, foreign personality which often causes issues in their lives. That's why in youth they are rebels, they have difficulty adjusting to new life situations but in time they bring their life into harmony. They are ruled by doubt and fear which causes them issues in relating to other people. Since they belong to the circle of destiny in the light (temperamental) sign they tend to react aggressively in order to defend themselves from all that which they are not ready to face. Similarly, they often have a complicated relationship with one of their parents.


Insecurity is present also in love relationships where they tend to express a certain degree of jealousy and possessiveness. Such behaviour sometimes mixes with the desire for proving themselves so the person of this sign is often flirting and changing partners. But, once in love, nacre is a family person and as a parent they are extremely caring towards their children.


In business nacre prefers independence which is an ideal trait for people who like to have their own business. For a good profit they are capable in a short period of changing a few working place. The thing which is a negative characteristic for them is that they don't know how to separate their private life from their business one, especially when they are troubled by a private problem, they have issues functioning at work.


Issues with blood circulation, digestive tract, mental diseases, tendency towards injury are some of their weak points.


Those born under this sign according to the Bosnian circle of destiny have to at one part of their life triumph over themselves - change key life habits and with that advance on their road of growth and maturation. They are prone to repeating mistakes from their previous lives and therefore changes are welcome wince through them they lower the possibility to return to their old ways.

Bosnian Wor(l)d
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