Bosnian Wor(l)d

Bosnia-Hercegovina is a multinational state. Today, most citizens identify themselves as one of three groups: Bosniaks (48 percent, Illyrians), Bosnian Croats (14 percent, Illyrians), or Bosnian Serbs (37 percent, Slavs).


Linden - Lipa

Linden is the ninth sign in the Bosnian horoscope which presides over the period of June 15th to July 15th. Traditionally linden is a holly tree under which the Bosnian Bogomils performed their religious rituals. After the middle ages linden didn't lose its holly significance and was planted next to numerous mosques, which continued the religious practice for which ethnologists and anthropologists claim that stems from the Illyrians to whom this tree represented a personification of a deity.


Person(s) born under the sign of linden are social, communicative and very eloquent. They are flexible and they quickly adapt in a new place or among new people. Even though they enjoy company, fun and travel, which exposes them to the public, person(s) of this sign are hard to fully comprehend and understand. Despite all their virtues they possess many flaws. Namely, as a tree has its bark and leaves so too the person of this sign has two layers of his personality. The outer one which is presented to others, is progressive, dynamic and brave while behind it is hidden the exact opposite. If the person is of a stronger character then a progressive linden dominates but if her character is weaker then that person has pronounced flaws such as stubbornness, insecurity and fear from disappointment. However, until someone gets to know them well both the first and second types of linden have the sense of freedom and possibility for manipulation.


Characteristic trait of people born in the sign of trees (cherry and linden) is their slowness, they don't like rush and pressure. When they are forced to do something they become very sensitive and in such circumstances they are prone to fits of rage or tears. In all cases they react turbulently. They feel best when the atmosphere is totally calm and relaxed and often closed in four walls. They carry in them a dose of narcissism.


Men of this sign have a need to represent themselves in a macho edition with which they actually try to hide their insecurity. Women of this sign are often very attractive with beautiful eyes. In a love relationship or marriage they want to be equal to men. That's why we need to emphasize that this sign which is not controversial but pretty liberal. They always strive towards freedom and the right to choose.


Even though they are prone to sudden rage that feeling leaves them quickly because people of this sign are emotional and therefore the emotions overwhelm their brain. But, they know when they are wrong and as soon as they calm down they try to rectify what they have done. For persons of this sign it is characteristic that in early youth they become independent and that's why they are responsible in business and are ready to help their working colleagues. Either as a worker or boss, linden is a person which will appear direct, mostly because it is aware that it has trust among his co-workers. They are not economical with money.


Linden is a sign of a gourmet person, they are picky when it comes to food. A large number of members of this sign is prone to some vice, usually cigarettes. Even though they are of good health the weak points on their body are their back, they are prone to influenza and colds, stomach ailments.


Those born under this sign carry certain negative traits which they possessed in their previous lives, among which are especially pronounces insecurity and jealousy. That's why their main task throughout their current life is to accept themselves, face their fears and in the end triumph over these two flaws which prevent them from advancing in the circle of destiny.

Bosnian Wor(l)d
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