Bosnian Wor(l)d

Bosnia-Hercegovina is a multinational state. Today, most citizens identify themselves as one of three groups: Bosniaks (48 percent, Illyrians), Bosnian Croats (14 percent, Illyrians), or Bosnian Serbs (37 percent, Slavs).


Bosnian love magic (divination)

For a girl to find out for whom she will be married, she performs some of the love divinations:

If it happens that a girl spends a night for the first time in someone's house she will use that opportunity to divine in order to find out how her future husband will look like, she will count all the beams in the room with her right leg. The man she dreams of that night will become her husband.

When the new moon appears on the sky the girl goes outside, stands on the key and turns her face towards the moon uttering: "O moon, by your youth, tell me the name of my future husband". After this ritual, it is believed, that the first male name which the girl hears will be the name of the man she will marry.

At night the girl looks towards Štapima (assemblage of three stars in the sky) and utters:

Illuminate me Žarinko Nasiba,

set me on fire Planinko Nasiba,

so I can see my future husband.

To see him tonight in my dream as in real life,

or to see his face,

or to hear his name.

Until I see him he shouldn't walk nor work!

After that the girl goes to sleep. That night she will dream of her future husband or she will hear his name the next day.

Bosnian Wor(l)d
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