Bosnian Wor(l)d

Bosnia-Hercegovina is a multinational state. Today, most citizens identify themselves as one of three groups: Bosniaks (48 percent, Illyrians), Bosnian Croats (14 percent, Illyrians), or Bosnian Serbs (37 percent, Slavs).


Procedure with lead

A piece of lead is placed on the forehead and it is circled around the head, clockwise, there times. The same procedure is done around the hands, which the diseased holds folded on his chest, and lastly around the legs. From the first pouring of molten lead above the head one usually discovers the reason for fear. In one or numerous smaller or larger pieces the lead forms a figure of a man, woman or some animal. According to statements of numerous stravarke it often happens that the diseased is afraid of his/her marital partner without even being aware of it. After the analysis or "reading" of the lead figures is done, all pieces are gathered, placed back into the spoon and dissolved on fire again. In the second pouring of molten lead in the vessel with water which is held above the diseased' chest one detects how strong the negative effect is. Finally, the fear is removed during the third and final ritual when the molten lead is poured into a vessel with water next to the diseased' legs.

While the lead is being poured into the water, if a piece of the lead is poured onto the floor it is considered to be a happy sign and is commented with the following statement: "It spreads well!", because of the belief that small pieces prophesy good health i.e. that the diseased will be cured and will be free of fear. But, if there are many forms that resemble needles, which Bosnian stravarke call "heavenly arrows", then the fear is dominant with the diseased and the procedure will have to be repeated.

Bosnian Wor(l)d
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