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Snake - Zmija


The snake is a sign with which the circle of destiny begins. Among the Illyrians this animal represents one of the most important deities and protectors of the family. Her reign lasts from 15.10. until 15.11. Persons born in the sign of the snake are traditionalists, they are faithful to their home and family. They don’t like changes, sometimes because of laziness and sometimes because they are not prone to taking on responsibility. They can be stimulated to action only by a person more dominant than themselves, but who is also friendly. Otherwise, they feel insecurity and they become stubborn.


People “snakes” often leave a wrong impression in their environment, even though they are not complicated people. “The blame” for this is located in symbology of their sign – a snake signifies something exotic, mystical, magical and even eccentric. Because of these virtues “the snake” tends to daydream, studying mysterious appearances or phenomena. They possess a hidden strength inside of themselves which is often not properly channelled and has no practical value. Accumulated and unutilized it becomes a source of general discontent and leads to tendency for frustrations.


When we talk about emotions persons of this sign go from one extreme to another: they are either too open when it comes to showing emotions or too closed. In both cases “the snake” often experiences disappointments and recedes. We can equate this to a snake’s escape into the hole in the ground. A lot of members of this sign spend a part of their life, or even their entire life, with the wrong partner. If they manage to find a corresponding partner, which has to be gentle and full of understanding but at the same time passionate and truculent, then we have a perfect relationship. “Snakes” love sex and they know how to enjoy it, perhaps more so than other symbols. If you want to experience real passion in bed always choose a person from this sign as a partner.


“A snake” as a person can often be emphatically distrustful or even naïve. In both cases you risk having her disappointed in you so if you want her as a friend or partner you have to show a lot of patience and seriousness in order to gain her trust. Even though they are not a sign which can boast itself with speed, at work they are persistent and persevering. They love money but as we mentioned they avoid authority therefore in life they always try their business luck individually, by either starting a company or engages in a hobby which will bring them money.


As autumn is the period of welfare, when we can eat almost all fruits of nature, “snakes” are rightfully gourmets because above all else they enjoy in food and drink. Because of that they have health issues and are prone to obesity. Besides that they are prone to issues with circulation, spine, kidneys. If they are born in the phase of the new moon they will keep their youthful look in their middle years.


The thing that people of this sign need to learn and utilise through life is to face themselves, their fears which stems from lack of self-confidence. Learn how to love themselves and then other. Find harmony and balance between emotions and real needs. Turn stubbornness into a strength, action and activity, mysticism into creativity and suspiciousness into flexibility.

Bosnian Wor(l)d
01/05/2014 14:30