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When the stomach moves

As we said fear negatively affects the stomach which reacts unfavourably to shock and slowly creates complications in the human body. The first health issue is the one that is largely connected to the stomach; obstipation, sudden obesity or anorexia, diarrhoea, stomach bloating, etc.

Therefore if you have stomach cramps, suffer from the feeling of flabbiness, your face is yellowish, lips dry, you have sore eyes, suffer from fever or lack of appetite, feel queasy, then you undoubtedly have issues with stomach dislocation. Another frequent symptom of a dislocated stomach is long term diarrhoea. Since fear and stomach are connected it often happens that a child gets diarrhoea out of fear, and this can happen to an adult as well. Therefore it is very useful to know and recognise symptoms which fear causes, shock or stress, especially on small children, in order to intervene on time. In that case children cry, but without tears, mumble, become sad and seldom puke.

Bosnian folk medicine is familiar with certain techniques, including massages, with which the stomach is "returned" back to its place, i.e. the functioning of the entire body is normalised. Each technique is harmless and cannot lead to unintended consequences.

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23/06/2015 08:42