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Curing fear in folk medicine

According to folk medicine in Bosnia and Herzegovina, fear is classified as a difficult disease which can result in an extremely bad epilogue i.e. it can cause the frightened man's entire organism to die.

Fear, i.e. stress, is especially negative for the human heart and stomach which, according to folk belief, because of shock can move or even change its place and in such a manner cause a series of diseases. We are all familiar with the feeling when out of fear or shock we feel that our lungs are suddenly left without air and that our heart suddenly jumped i.e. started beating with a higher intensity. Similarly the stomach reacts to shock and is moved out of its place. Then it starts to negatively affect the entire organism. Namely, as folk healers (called stravari and želudičari) in Bosnia claim, the stomach should be in the height of the belly button, and when it is moved due to some event then it goes in the direction of the ribs, spine, neck or back.

Though the stomach often moves due to shock or fear there are other reasons; due to lifting heavy burden, in case of a diet, sleeping with hands above the head, improper diet or falling. Sometimes, the cause can be a cold where due to strong coughs the stomach springs out of place.

Fear causes a series of unpleasant states from insomnia, depression, anxiety attacks, hysteria, sudden obesity or anorexia, heart issues, etc. It's effect is deadly for the entire organism and psyche, this is why traditionally in Bosnia it is recommended to a person which after going for a surgery or heaving a traffic accident, receiving shocking news, to visit a stravarka in the next 40 days so she can perform the ritual with lead melting so that the accumulated fear wouldn't "spring to life" i.e. started to negatively affect the psyche and physical health. The ritual itself is pretty simple and that's why its effect impresses. Combination of prayer and lead has nothing to do with autosuggestion and the best proof of this is curing small children which cry incessantly, jerk in their sleep and the like. Suggestion has no effect on them since they cannot be aware of the things that happen around them. A similar situation is in the opportunities when the water used during the lead melting ritual is secretly poured to the husband or wife i.e. that person which would never accept to practicing the ritual, and after a very short time one can notice a positive change in them.

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23/06/2015 08:44